Fix your eyes on Jesus

Acts 3:5 (ESV): 5 And he fixed his attention on them, expecting to receive something from them.


This story occurred a few days or weeks after the Day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit was poured out upon the believers. In other words, Peter and John saw this man somewhere between 2-3 months after Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Yet Luke writes that this man was lame from birth and had been carried daily to the gate of the temple to beg. We must assume that this man had seen Jesus, or at least been in very close proximity to Jesus, before Jesus’ death.

But this man was not healed by Jesus.

Now, as this man fixed his attention and expectation upon Peter and John, ready to receive from them, the disciples shared the good news that Jesus came to bring healing – physical and spiritual.

And he was healed as he looked and reached up in faith.


We may not understand why the lame man was not healed by Jesus, even though we read of other instances which indicate that not everyone was healed by the Master.

The lack of faith in Nazareth prevented Jesus from doing many miracles. At the pool of Siloam, Jesus walked through the midst of many seeking healing to speak to one man.

What we definitely see is that this man’s expectant faith was met by the compassionate heart of Christ. Do we fix our eyes on Jesus, expecting to receive good from him?


Heavenly Father, may I not miss your presence in my life, passing me by, busy with seeking what I need, preoccupied with my plans. Rather, may I fix my eyes on Jesus, ready to receive your grace. Amen.

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