In my daily time of connecting with God, I have read the Bible through multiple times, memorized various scriptures, and have journaled on various occasions. In the fall of 2019, however, I discovered a technique that has deepened my time with God like nothing before.

HEAR journaling.

I discovered this method through reading Growing Up by Robby Gallaty, a great book on how to grow as a disciple of Christ and to disciple others in the faith. This method has four steps.


As you begin your time with God, ask God to reveal to you a truth from His Word that you should focus on and apply to your life. Then, as God leads, highlight (or copy and paste to your notes) a verse from your scripture reading.


In a few sentences, explain the context of the verse you have highlighted. Explain what happened before this verse or what will happen after. Explain the significance of the verse.

Basically, ask the reporter’s questions: who, what, when, why, how, and where.


Consider the significance of this scripture’s truth to your life. How would God have you to apply this text in your own life? Write down a few sentences in response.


Finally, in a few sentences, write how you will or are responding to God’s Word. I usually write a response in the form of a prayer, but this could be a to-do list, etc.

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I am using this HEAR journal method to develop the devotional thoughts I share in this blog. I hope these thoughts are helpful to you!

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