Copying the world


2 Chronicles 28:22–23 (ESV): 22 In the time of his distress he became yet more faithless to the Lord—this same King Ahaz. 23 For he sacrificed to the gods of Damascus that had defeated him and said, “Because the gods of the kings of Syria helped them, I will sacrifice to them that they may help me.” But they were the ruin of him and of all Israel.


After the reigns of Joash, Amaziah, and Uzziah, three kings who were blessed as they followed God but all ended their reigns badly, Jotham rose to the throne. He was a godly king, but the people as a whole followed corrupt practices.

His son, Ahaz, then reigned. He was a wicked king, making metal images for Baals, offering pagan sacrifices, and also making his sons pass through these offerings (or burning them as offerings).

Ahaz suffered a great defeat by Syria and Israel. He sought a treaty with Assyria, but they caused him trouble instead of helping him. In the midst of all this, Ahaz became more faithless, deciding to worship the gods of Syria, by whom he had been defeated, hoping that these false gods would be appeased and help him.


The example of Ahaz should teach us to stop and carefully consider our actions, and our path in life. Ahaz lived and ruled wickedly, but instead of recognizing God’s hand against him, he thought by worshipping the false gods of those who had defeated him, he might somehow succeed.

When the Christian looks with envy at the success of the world, and then seeks to emulate the world’s thinking, strategy, methods and more, is he or she following the example of Ahaz?


Heavenly Father, help me to keep my eyes on you, and never be fooled into thinking that copying the sin of the world is the way to success. Amen.

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